Who is the best candidate for abdominal or abdominal surgery?

abdominal surgery

Heterrin is a candidate for the abdominoplasty of people with large,
high-fat stomachs that hang on their skin and do not lean with a diet or regular exercise program, while other parts of the body fit well,
abdominal surgery or abdominoplasty Particularly for women who
have multiple pregnancies and their abdominal stretch,
and on the other hand their abdominal muscles have lost their natural position,
abdominoplasty surgery is also recommended for elderly people who
have lost their skin resilience and suffer Obesity and overweight are also recommended.


On the other hand, people who decide to lose weight or women who
intend to become pregnant should not use abdominal surgery
or abdominoplasty surgery, which is also due to the fact that during the abdominal surgery,
the abdominal muscles of the abdominal muscles fit together,
but in During pregnancy and as a result of fetal growth,
these muscles are disconnected and the abdomen returns to the state before abdominoplasty.

Using abdominal aesthetic surgery or abdominoplasty,
people can find more self confidence than their appearance,
but it is better to talk with the surgeon before surgery about the expectations of the results
of this surgery and their concerns.
To reach agreement on these issues and the outcome of the action.

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