What is mammaplasty?

  1.  Mammaplasty is a way to reduce the chest and drain fats and breast augmentation, with small cuts in the chest, and after restoration of excess skin and excess fat and lifting the breasts.
    There is another thing to do with this, which is liposuction of the chest.
    Breast liposuction is used only when there is only fat and no extra chest pain.
    There are various techniques for changing the size of the breast mammaplasty,
    which is done by the surgeon at the request of the patient and in consultation with the surgeon.
  2. Aesthetic surgery is performed for general anesthesia, and zebrastic drugs are
    used to reduce the stress of the patient.

Cutting in breast masturbation surgery or breast surgery for breast reduction include:

  • Tilting the reverse
  • Cut off round the chest
  • Cut the chest and the vertical line up to the groove under the breast

Recovering after mummies

After the completion of surgery, the mammaplasty is placed in the dressing section.
In some cases, bandages or braids will be given to the patient to reduce swelling and will be laid out to drain blood underneath the skin,
which will remove excess blood.

The result will be a long-lasting breast aesthetic surgery.
By gaining the ideal breast size, you will gain confidence and will be free from pain and limitations.
But as time passes, the shape of the breast will change.

After the patient’s abdominal aesthetic surgery, the patient should wear a bra for three months and the bra should have standards and does not push the breast.

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