Biography Doctor Omid Namdari

Dr. Omid Namayeri was born in Tehran University in 1974,a graduate of the doctorate in 1981,a graduate of the general Surgery Specialty from Shahid Beheshti University in 1989.
He has 9 years of history of weight loss,beauty and general surgery and he is the member of community of surgeons in the Iran country
.His activities are in the Dey Clinic, Maryam Hospital,Kowsar Hospital and his own office



Mammaplasty is a way to reduce the drain chest fat and the size of it, and to raise the breasts


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The practice of blepharoplasty refers to the swelling, puffiness or wrinkles of the eyelids, and the removal of fatty bags around the eyes



Abdominoplasty is one of the most frequent visits to cosmetic surgeries, abdominal disorforts and abnormalities



Using delicate tubes and a suction device called lipopathic for
Removing diet-supplemented fats and exercising

Surgery / Plastic surgery is a surgical branch that deals with the repair or repair of the shape and function. Functional, structural, and cosmetic repairs are any defect or disorientation of the human body. While most are known for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery includes many types of surgical surgeries, hand surgery, fine surgery, and burn injuries. The term “plastic” from the Greek word “plastikoss” means a mold or molding
Its application here has nothing to do with an artificial polymer substance called plastic. Modern plastic surgery has evolved in two broad areas: the reconstruction of physical defects and normalization of the body. The surgical principles of plastic surgery on vascular preservation, the replacement of similar tissues with the same, attention to Physical regions, and wound healing, are focused on moderating the damaged tissue

مطب دکتر امید نامداری