What is mini-gastric bypass?

What do we need to know about gastric bypass or gastric bypass?

Gastric Bypasses or gastric bypass grafts are the most commonly used method of  around the world.
In this method, the volume of the stomach is diminished, and part of the intestine and stomach are absorbed from the system,
without any part of the digestive tract of the body damaged.

This is done in two ways:

  • One of the methods of slimming surgery is the practice in which the stomach is small.
    And in the midst of gastric shrinkage, sloughingstarterectomy or gastric lavage is particularly popular among obese people due to appetite loss and lack of complications.
    Surgery is a type of obstructive surgery that reduces gastric capacity and creates a physical and physiological limit on the amount of food consumed by the individual.

  • In the Mini Gastric Bypass method, the narrow gut does not stop.
    In this method, the stomach is connected to a narrow 150mm-200cm narrow gut.
    This new method of passage has fewer side effects than the old one,
    but the likelihood of bile reflux is that in case of annoyance,
    it should be done by the conventional bay pass Classic becomes.
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