hypo thyroidism


hypothyroidism : Silent Disease If you are suffering from persistent fatigue
you may need to be careful about your thyroid gland function.
This parasite gland,
located in front of the neck and under the apple of Adam
controls the metabolism of the hormone by secretion of the hormone.
One of the diseases associated with this gland is hypothyroidism .

This silent disease may persist for years in the body but not properly diagnosed
because its symptoms are diffuse and ambiguous
and therefore the doctor misses the diagnosis.

Most cases of hypothyroidism do not relate to thyroid problems
but the inappropriate functioning of the immune system creates the disease.
Antibody testing is a good way to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system and to diagnose hypothyroidism.
According to Dr. Datis Kharrazian,
ninety percent of people with hypothyroidism are afflicted with Hashimoto.

Hashimoto is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks
and destroys the thyroid gland tissue.
Therefore, for the treatment of thyroid diseases or any other autoimmune disease
the origin of the disease must first be detected
and should not suppress the symptoms of the disease with medication.
In order to treat or prevent the occurrence of hypothyroidism
۱۳ simple and simple methods are presented.

۱۳ Natural ways to improve and treat hypothyroidism

The first line of defense for treating hypothyroidism is dietary change.
Many people with this disease suffer from excessive fatigue and brain drain,
forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.
People use sugar and caffeine to relieve tiredness and energy.
These two substances are very harmful and
in addition to causing other diseases and fluctuations in blood glucose,
also affects the thyroid function.

Nutrition suitable for thyroid

A good diet, lacking caffeine and sugar (carbohydrates).
The consumption of processed carbohydrates,
such as flour, should also be reduced,
as they have a function similar to sugar in the body.
It should also minimize the use of carbohydrates that are related to grains and use non-fermented vegetables.

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