Thyroid surgery


Thyroid gland is similar to a butterfly.
This gland is located in the lower and the anterior of the neck just below the larynx.
The thyroid produces hormones that carry the function of blood supply to all tissues in the body.
It also helps regulate the metabolism of the body, and during this process, nutrients are converted into energy.
In addition, control of organ function and helping to maintain body heat is the responsibility of this gland.

In fact, the thyroid gland produces a lot of hormone.
There may be structural problems such as swelling and growth of the cyst or nodule for the body.
Whenever these structural problems occur, thyroid surgeries are needed.
Thyroid surgery involves the removal of all or part of the thyroid gland.

Removal of the thyroid nodule is the main cause of thyroid surgery, and the diagnosis of the nodule is done by biopsy sampling and by insertion of a narrow needle in the thyroid gland.

If the following results are obtained from a biopsy, they will also be offered a surgical option:
  • Cancer (breast cancer);
  • Possible Cancer (follicular neoplasm or unusual results);
  • Biopsy without definite results;

Testing the molecular index on a biopsy sample that shows the risk of malignant tumors.
Also, if the results of the benign biopsy of the nodules are confirmed,
or if the nodules are still growing and associated with symptoms such as (discomfort, difficulty swallowing food, etc.) ,
Their treatment is probably suggested through surgery.
In addition, a surgical option will be proposed to treat hyperthyroidism (Graves’ disease or toxoid), large goiter and multidolateral, and goiter associated with symptoms.

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