What is the face lift?

What is the face lift?

The loss of facial expressions and facial youths is due to various factors such as gravity,
inheritance, environmental factors and dependent stress.
These changes are caused by age in the skin, soft tissue and bony skeleton.
Skin changes include excessive skin loosening,
reduced elasticity and sun damage to the skin.
At the surface of the soft tissue,
the atrophy of the face (face) occurs, creating holes,
especially in the corners of the lobe or
in the areas of the temples, around the chin and the cheek.
also, the bony skeleton of the face develops over time,
in which the bone aging in the maxillary region (jaw) and also the orbital vial (eye bone) are faster.

These changes cause the following symptoms to occur:

  • Discontinuity in the facial tissue
  • Deep lines in the lower part of the lower eyelid
  • Deep lines in the nose area leading to the corners of the lobe
  • In the corners and under the lips to the lower jaw there is deep line
  • The natural fatty tissues of the face become scratched or droop
  • Reducing tonicity of the face
  • Loose skin and excess fat deposits under the chin and jaw

Facial Lifting Types

Facial rejuvenation methods are divided into 2 face lift groups by surgery and face lift without the use of surgery.
this Lifting Procedures without Surgery include :
Botox Injection, Fat Injection, Gel Injection, Face Lift, Laser Face Exfoliation, Facial Lifting, Facial Lifting with rf, and Hypertherapy, all of which are outpatient and without Anesthesia is needed.
The non-surgical procedures mentioned above have no comparable results with lifting surgery,
but if used at the right time, they will delay the need for face to face surgeries.

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