Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery?

What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery?

Many people consider cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery as the same surgery.
A significant number of plastic surgeons focus their attention on cosmetic surgery.
But considering these two words is not technically correct.
These two types of surgery are very close together, but they are not the same.

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery have different goals

While the aim of both methods is to improve the patient’s body in appearance, the key philosophies that guide the education, research, and goals of the patient’s outcomes are different.
Aesthetic surgery: Focusing on the appearance of techniques, techniques and principles of this method.
It focuses entirely on increasing the appearance of the patient.
Improving the demand for aesthetics, the symmetry and proportion of key goals.
This surgery can be done in all parts of the head, neck and body.
If the target areas are flawed and defective, surgery is completely selective.
Aesthetic surgery is done by physicians from a variety of medical fields, including plastic surgeons.


The scope of cosmetic surgery includes:

  • Breast beauty: enlarging, lifting, shrinking
  • Facial beauty: rhinoplasty, chin, or face recovery
  • Facial Rejuvenation: Facial Lift, Eye Lift, Neck Lift, Eyebrow Lift
  • Body beauty: liposuction, lipomatics, liposuction
  • Skin rejuvenation: Laser, Botox, Types of fillers

Plastic surgery


Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure devoted to the reconstruction of facial and body defects caused by congenital disorders, trauma, burn and disease.
Plastic surgery is intended to correct the ineffective defects of the body and restore it to normal.

Examples of Plastic Surgery:

  • Breast restoration
  • Surgery to repair damaged parts of the burn
  • Rehabilitation of congenital defects such as cleft palate
  • Hand surgery
  • Oscar repair surgery
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