Breast Prosthesis

Who can apply for chest prosthesis?

An ideal candidate for breast prosthesis is a person whose breast tissue may not have grown sufficiently in adolescence for a variety of reasons,
such as: genetic or hormonal factors, or inappropriate nutrition, or may have taken their chest for various reasons, including breast cancer, and They are mentally ill.


They are candidates for breast implant surgery, as well as complications of chest and prosthetic exercises for these individuals, and is the decision to carry out breast implants.
Mental-psychological problems due to the body’s inappropriate appearance are sometimes necessary to perform the beauty of the breast prosthesis.
Chest prosthesis in breast cancer patients who have lost their chest for this reason,
if their cancer is not advanced, breast prosthesis will be a good way to regenerate the breast.



At the same time breast reconstruction may be performed with the patient’s own breast tissue,
but the prosthesis, although not a natural tissue, is a simpler and less complicated operation.
Choosing a prosthesis is often done with regard to breast width, the assessment of soft tissue and breast tissue coverage.
Some people who have to have chest prosthesis due to illness or other causes may not feel perfectly well and think that the shape Naturally, their bodies disappear.
As time passes and after the operation, they feel better about these changes.


Does this prevent pregnancy or lactation?

In chest prosthesis, prosthetics, especially those below the breast, will not cause any problems in breastfeeding, because this does not go into the breast tissue at all, and the breast implants are placed behind the breast tissue or behind the chest muscle.

Can Breast Prosthesis Cure Cancer?

Breast prosthetics do not cause breast cancer. Of the rare side effects of this method, there are certain cancers that do not originate from breast tissue. The incidence of such cancers follows a prosthetic of one in 100,000, but prosthetics do not cause breast cancer.

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