How does liposuction affect the skin?

Fat Injection

Some patients may want to consider fat injection as a therapeutic option that removes the body fat from the body and then injects it into the skin to fill the face or reduce or even eliminate the lines. This method is just one of the methods that can be used to treat lips and wrinkles. Crow’s forehead, facial lines, lines around the mouth and smile lines can be removed.
Options like Botox and Fat Injections are therapies that do not require surgery and can be a very good choice to improve your appearance in the short term or as long as you need plastic surgery.


How is liposuction injected?

In this method, a “donor” area should be determined (such as the abdomen or hips) and liposuction for fat extraction on this part.
The valve’s fats are then transmitted to the face.
About 50% of the injected fat disappears and the remaining fat remains forever.

What are the results of fat injection?

Most fats transmitted to the face generally survive, but the results are unpredictable.
Typically, in order to achieve the desired results, several methods of transfer of fat are needed. However, the amount of fat for injection into any area of the face is not standard and is essentially based on the experience of the surgeon, which according to its results should be performed by a qualified physician.
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