Thyroid surgery in Karaj


Thyroid of healthy people make enough hormone and affect the body’s important actions.
this hormones metabolize the body,how much calories we consume, how much we feel the heat, and how we set our weight.A high-level thyroid is a condition that causes exposure of high amounts of hormone to the body tissues is associated with different causes of hyperthyroidism,
and its symptoms that are similar, which is a result of thyroid caries in Karaj.
The cancer is more likely to occur in regions where iodine levels are too high.
One of the differences in thyroid surgery in Karaj with other diseases is
that it can be curable so that if it is diagnosed early, it can be treated completely
and accurately, although if it is diagnosed late,
it can spread to other tissues of the body, Bones, lungs and brain. In this case, thyroid surgery becomes difficult.
People who live in Karaj and have a history of thyroid cancer and thyroid surgery in Karaj in their families, should be screened for the risk of developing thyroid cancer.

Causes of thyroid

High levels of thyroid causes may include, the use of some medications
such as amarbarone and Lugol solution containing high levels of iodine,
which causes thyroid surgery in Karaj.
The thyroid gland may have an inflammation called thyroiditis,
which also causes thyroid hormone release.
And hypothyroidism lowers the respiratory muscles as a result of lung function,
which also causes thyroid surgery in Karaj.
Also, hypothyroidism slows down the gastrointestinal tract, then the person becomes constipated. Sometimes patients feel tired and They can not have good sleep also they suffer from Shaking hands, irregularities, and rapid heart rate.
Patients may suffer easily from any behaviour, When the thyroid gland is very excessive,
patients have short breath, chest pain and muscle weakness.
Some symptoms are very rare, such as vomiting, itching, heart failure, stroke, or even illness.
This disease can cause puffiness and swelling around the eyes,
and sweating decreases, as well as dry and thick skin. Be sure to visit us to find the best thyroid surgery in Karaj.

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