what is Mammoplasty ?

Mammoplasty surgery

Mammoplasty surgery is a plastic surgery pamphlet that can be used to reduce the volume of the breast tissue
and reduce the size of the chest in women who have large breast tissue and bring them beautiful breasts to the right size for them.
Mammoplasty action takes about two hours .It is usually done in general anesthesia.
Often, in some cases, it is possible to measure the size of the chest in people who do not have the same size breasts.

Surgery of mammaplasty is not recommended in the following cases:

  1. Certain conditions like diabetes or heart problems
  2. Any kind of disease that causes a problem in the breasts
  3. Very obese women

What is a mammaplasty (incremental)

As it is known from the name of this type of mammaplasty, this technique involves breast bulking.
As an example, by the breast prosthesis, the volume and form of the chest also changes.
women who feel uncomfortable about the size and shape of their breasts and they have small breasts that are not proportional to their other organs,
also they are a good candidate for this technique.
In addition,mummulathy surgery is One of the techniques for women who can compensate their chest deficiency,
due to their cancer,for instance they lost a small portion of their chest or they lost both of them.

what is Reduced Mammoplasty ?

The purpose of this type of mammaplasty is to reduce the size of the chest.
If you have very large breasts that cause pain in the neck area,or cause pain in back or other physical symptoms,
in this technique a part of the breast tissue (a person undergoing general anesthesia) is taken to reach the ideal ideal size During the surgery.
In addition Men who are affected by gynaecomastia (abnormal abnormalities in men’s breasts) may also undergo mammapultic surgery.

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